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Sounds: morning in the village
Total Sounds Available: 8.
Quality: High.
Average time on page: 2 min 03 sec.
Uploaded by: 2Pistols.
File type: MP3.

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List of Sound Files:

The atmosphere of the morning in the village (the sounds of nature and not only)

File type: mp3. Size: [10.34 Mb]. Downloads: 492.

Sounds of the countryside

File type: mp3. Size: [9.54 Mb]. Downloads: 261.

Sounds of a summer village on a sunny day

File type: mp3. Size: [8.24 Mb]. Downloads: 131.

Hens clucking in the hen house

File type: mp3. Size: [550.12 Kb]. Downloads: 70.

Rooster crows in the morning

File type: mp3. Size: [603.35 Kb]. Downloads: 118.
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Cow moos

File type: mp3. Size: [248.88 Kb]. Downloads: 55.

Short sound where there is a village

File type: mp3. Size: [1.11 Mb]. Downloads: 45.

Sounds of a village in the afternoon

File type: mp3. Size: [1.87 Mb]. Downloads: 97.
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Here you will find a collection of Sounds: morning in the village. Use these sounds for video clips, games, commercials, and apps. Some young people are lucky to have grandparents who live in villages. They can listen to silence or rare animal sounds. In the morning, roosters crow, cows ask to be released into the field, and hens lay fresh eggs. Mornings in the countryside are different. It's nice to spend the summer in the countryside, when the noisy metropolis is somewhere far away for several kilometers.
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