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National Anthem of Uzbekistan
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Full official country name: Republic of Uzbekistan
Country short name: Uzbekistan.
Capital city: Tashkent.
Name of the anthem: «Oʻzbekiston Respublikasining Davlat Madhiyasi».
English: «State Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan».
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Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan (instrumental version without words)

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Official Anthem of Uzbekistan with lyrics in Uzbek

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Серқуёш, ҳур ўлкам, элга бахт, нажот,
Сен ўзинг дўстларга йўлдош, меҳрибон, меҳрибон!
Яшнагай то абад илму фан, ижод,
Шуҳратинг порласин токи бор жаҳон!

Олтин бу водийлар — жон Ўзбекистон,
Аждодлар мардона руҳи сенга ёр!
Улуғ халқ қудрати жўш урган замон,
Оламни маҳлиё айлаган диёр!

Бағри кенг ўзбекнинг ўчмас иймони,
Эркин, ёш авлодлар сенга зўр қанот, зўр қанот!
Истиқлол машъали, тинчлик посбони,
Ҳақсевар, она юрт, мангу бўл обод!

Lyrics in English:

My country, sunny and free, salvation to your people,
You are a warmhearted companion to the friends
Flourish eternally with knowledge and invention,
May your fame shine as long as the world exists!

These golden valleys – dear Uzbekistan,
Manly spirit of ancestors is companion to you!
When the great power of people became exuberant
You are the country that amazes the world!

Belief of generous Uzbek does not die out,
Free, young children are a strong wing for you!
The torch of independence, guardian of peace,
Just motherland be eternally prosperous!

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Here you will find a collection of National Anthem of Uzbekistan. Use it for video clips, games, commercials and apps. On December 10, 1992, this anthem was approved. Abdulla Aripov is the author of its lyrics, and the music was retained from the anthem of the Uzbek SSR. While the Uzbekistan National Anthem is being played, those present stand and place the palm of their right hand on the left side of their chest.
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