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National anthem of Palau
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Full official country name: Republic of Palau
Country short name: Palau.
Capital city: Ngerulmud.
Name of the anthem: «Belau rekid».
English: «Our Palau».
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National Anthem of the Republic of Palau "Belau rekid" without lyrics

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Official Anthem of Palau (instrumental version)

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National Anthem of Palau (no words)

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Olympic version of the anthem of the Republic of Palau

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Singing the "Belau Rekid" anthem with voice

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National anthem of Palau with lyrics

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Anthem on the piano (solo)

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Belau loba klisiich er a kelulul,
El dimla ngarngii ra rechuodelmei
Meng mengel uoluu er a chimol beluu,
El ngar cheungel a rirch lomke sang.

Bo dole ketek a kerruul er a belluad,
Lolab a blakelreng ma duchelreng.
Belau a chotil a klengar re kid,
Mebo dorurtabedul msa klisichel.

Bod kai ue reke dchim lokiu a reng,
E dongedmokel ra dimla koted.
Lomcheliu a rengrdel ma klebkellel,
Lokiu a budch ma beltikelreng.

Dios mo mek ngel tengat ra Be lumam,
El dimla dikesam ra rechuodelmei,
Beskemam a klisicham ma llemeltam,
Lorrurt a klungiolam elmo ch’rechar.
Lyrics in English:

Palau is coming forth with strength and power,
By the old ways abides still every hour.
One country, safe, secure, one government
Under the glowing, floating soft light stands.

Let's build our economy's protecting fence
With courage, faithfulness and diligence
Our life is anchored in Palau, our land
We with our might through life and death defend

In spirit let's join hands, united, one
Care for our homeland...from forefathers on
Look after its concord, its glory keep
Through peace and love and heart's devotion deep

God bless our country, our island home always
Our sweet inheritances from the ancient days
Give us strength and power and all of the rights
To govern with all eternity with might
Sheets music: National anthem of Palau.
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