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National anthem of Oman
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Full official country name: Sultanate of Oman
Country short name: Oman.
Capital city: Muscat.
Name of the anthem: «an-Našid as-Salâm as-Solṭâni».
English: «Song of the Sultanic Salute».
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National Anthem of Oman ("an-Našid as-Salâm as-Solṭâni")

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National Anthem Sultanate of Oman (instrumental version)

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Anthem of Oman (Olympic version)

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Option 2

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National Anthem: Sultanate of Oman (with words)

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Oman national anthem with words

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National Anthem: Oman (no words)

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Orchestral version of the Omani anthem

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Anthem of Oman on guitar

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يا ربنا احفظ لنا جلالة السلطان
والشعب بالأوطان
بالعز والإيمان
وليدم مؤيدا
عاهلا ممجدا بالنفوس يفتدى
ياعمان نحن من عهد النبي
أوفياء من كرام العرب
أبشري قابوس جاء
فلتباركه السماء
واسعدي والتقيه بالدعاء
Lyrics in English:

O Almighty, save His Majesty the Sultan
and His people in their homelands
with pride and peace
May He live long and triumphant
a glorified leader
for whom we shall lay down our lives

O Oman, we have been from the time of the Prophet
of the most loyal and noble Arabs
So ascend to the apex of the heavens
illuminate the cosmos
rejoice and relish in prosperity.
Sheets music: National anthem of Oman.
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Here you will find a collection of National anthem of Oman. Use it for video clips, games, commercials and apps. The music for the hymn was written by Rashid bin Uzayiz Al Husaidi, and the words by James Frederic Mills. It was approved in 1970, but in 1996 there were changes to the anthem. The official language of this country is Arabic.
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