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National Anthem of Ethiopia
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Full official country name: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Country short name: Ethiopia.
Capital city: Addis Ababa.
Name of the anthem: «ወደፊት ገስግሺ ፣ ውድ እናት ኢትዮጵያ».
English: «March Forward, Dear Mother Ethiopia».
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The National Anthem of Ethiopia (instrumental version, without words)

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Anthem of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (with singing)

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jəzegɨnnət kɨbɨr bə-itjopˀjaʧʧɨn ʦˀənto
tajə hɨzbawinnət dar ɨskədar bərto.
ləsəlam ləfɨtɨh ləhɨzboʧnəʦˀannət;
bəˀɨkkulɨnnət bəfɨkˀɨr kˀomənal bəˀandɨnnət.
məsərətə ʦˀɨnu səbɨˀɨnan jalʃarɨn;
hɨzboʧnən ləsɨra bəsɨra jənorɨn.
dɨnkˀ jəbahɨl mədrək jəˀakuri kˀɨrs baləbɨt;
jətəfətˀro ʦˀəgga jəʤəgna hɨzb ɨnnat.
ɨnnɨtˀəbbɨkˀɨʃallən alləbbɨn adəra;
itjopˀjaʧʧɨn nuri ɨɲɲam banʧi ɨnnɨkura!
Lyrics in English:

Respect for citizenship is strong in our Ethiopia;
National pride is seen, shining from one side to another.

For peace, for justice, for the freedom of peoples,
In equality and in love we stand united.
Firm of foundation, we do not dismiss humanness;
We are people who live through work.

Wonderful is the stage of tradition, owners of a proud heritage,
Natural grace, mother of a valorous people.
We shall protect you – we have a duty;
Our Ethiopia, live! And let us be proud of you!
Sheets music: National Anthem of Ethiopia.
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