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National anthem of Curacao
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Full official country name: Country of Curaçao
Country short name: Curaçao.
Capital city: Willemstad.
Name of the anthem: «Himno di Kòrsou».
English: «Anthem of Curaçao».
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National Anthem of Curacao (official instrumental version)

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A short orchestral version of the national anthem of Curacao

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Full orchestral version of the anthem

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A hymn with lyrics

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Version 2

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National Anthem of Curacao (instrumental version)

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There is such a version

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Children sing the national anthem of Curacao

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Anthem on the trumpet

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On the piano

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Lantá nos bos ban kanta
grandesa di Kòrsou;
Kòrsou, isla chikitu,
baranka den laman!

Kòrsou, nos ta stima bo
ariba tur nashon.
Bo gloria nos ta kanta
di henter nos kurason.

Nos pueblo tin su lucha,
ma semper nos tin fe
di logra den tur tempu
viktoria ku trabou!

Ban duna di nos parti
p'e isla prosperá.
Laga nos uni forsa
p'asina triumfá.

Nos patria nos ta demonstrá
onor i lealdat,
meskos na e bandera
union di nos nashon.

Nos bida lo ta poko
pa duna nos pais,
luchando uní pa libertat,
amor i komprenshon.

I ora nos ta leu fo'i kas
nos tur ta rekordá
Kòrsou, su solo i playanan,
orguyo di nos tur.

Laga nos gloria Kreador
tur tempu i sin fin,
k'El a hasi nos digno
di ta yu di Kòrsou!
Lyrics in English:

Let's raise our voice and sing
the grandeur of Curaçao;
Curaçao, small island,
a boulder in the sea!

Curaçao, we love you
above all nations.
Your glory we sing
with all our hearts.

Our people have their struggle
but we always have our faith
to accomplish always
victory through labour!

Let us do our part
for the island's prosperity.
Let us unite forces
so we can triumph.

(To) Our fatherland we demonstrate
honour and loyalty,
as to the flag
the union of our nation.

Our lives would be little
to give for our country,
fighting united for liberty,
love and understanding.

And when we are far from home
we all recall
Curaçao, its sun and beaches
the pride of us all.

Let us praise our Creator
always and forever,
for He has made us worthy
to be born of Curaçao!
Sheets music: National anthem of Curacao.
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Here you will find a collection of National anthem of Curacao. Use it for video clips, games, commercials and apps. The anthem of Curacao was approved on July 26, 1978. The anthem is about the greatness of the country, despite its small size. Curacao is considered a self-governing state entity. It is located next to Venezuela. It has been part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 2010, but despite this, it has its national anthem.
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