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Tape recorder sounds (cassette player)
Total Sounds Available: 10.
Quality: High.
Average time on page: 3 min 11 sec.
Uploaded by: Petros.
File type: MP3.

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List of Sound Files:

Tape cassette sound and rewind

File type: mp3. Size: [811.33 Kb]. Downloads: 1121.

The sound of fast rewind music in a cassette recorder

File type: mp3. Size: [532.96 Kb]. Downloads: 416.

Sounds of buttons on a cassette recorder

File type: mp3. Size: [1.25 Mb]. Downloads: 464.

The sound of driving in and out of a CD from a CD player

File type: mp3. Size: [174.19 Kb]. Downloads: 229.

Sound rewind in VHS (VCR)

File type: mp3. Size: [216.63 Kb]. Downloads: 64.

The sound of jammed cassettes

File type: mp3. Size: [240.61 Kb]. Downloads: 225.

Cassette jammed

File type: mp3. Size: [226.25 Kb]. Downloads: 211.
Tape recorder sounds (cassette player) are now available on our website. Download our SFX files to your computer, phone, or tablet. It's free of charge. Feel free to use them in any of your projects.

CD enabled sound

File type: mp3. Size: [683.67 Kb]. Downloads: 301.

CD-rom reading sound

File type: mp3. Size: [1.1 Mb]. Downloads: 77.

CD player sound

File type: mp3. Size: [272.45 Kb]. Downloads: 93.
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Here you will find a collection of Tape recorder sounds (cassette player). Use these sounds for video clips, games, commercials, and apps. Once upon a time, in order to listen to music, it was necessary to buy a cassette. Some managed to record songs from the radio, others rewrote cassettes. There was a time when music played from different places. Now, with the advent of music on the Internet, there is no longer a need to store musical compositions on hard drives. But nevertheless, the sounds about this story have been preserved, and we decided to publish them here.
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