Sounds of fighting people (fisticuffs) download and listen online

Sounds of fighting people (fisticuffs)
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Total number: 28.
Quality: High.
Average time on page: 5 min 14 sec.
User: Kvazomi.
File type: mp3.
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Music that happens before a fight (or you can turn it on)

[547.37 Kb] (people downloaded: 122). File type: mp3.

The sound of a battle on metal swords

[135.65 Kb] (people downloaded: 61). File type: mp3.

Breaths of a person who happen to be beaten and hurt

[79.79 Kb] (people downloaded: 157). File type: mp3.

The cry of a man (fighter) who fights

[217.64 Kb] (people downloaded: 205). File type: mp3.

Musical accompaniment for a fight

[454.4 Kb] (people downloaded: 193). File type: mp3.

The sounds of a punch (fist) on the human body

[71.84 Kb] (people downloaded: 239). File type: mp3.

Knife wrestling sound

[266.06 Kb] (people downloaded: 82). File type: mp3.

Sound of striking a person

[70.62 Kb] (people downloaded: 287). File type: mp3.

Sound: a person dies from the blows received

[107.91 Kb] (people downloaded: 73). File type: mp3.

The sound of a fight in the Middle Ages using handy objects (without words)

[266.06 Kb] (people downloaded: 70). File type: mp3.

The sound of a man who practices karate. Ninja utters it before the blow

[114.33 Kb] (people downloaded: 195). File type: mp3.

The sound of a battle of knights with shields and swords

[475.01 Kb] (people downloaded: 25). File type: mp3.

The sound of a child fight, using wooden sticks or a mop

[317.9 Kb] (people downloaded: 20). File type: mp3.

The sound of punching a punching bag

[153.88 Kb] (people downloaded: 119). File type: mp3.

The sound of a blow to the face, as in the Indian film

[16.39 Kb] (people downloaded: 187). File type: mp3.

The sound of a broken arm or leg in a fight (for installation)

[15.17 Kb] (people downloaded: 117). File type: mp3.
A blow to the intestines or eyes (the sound is mucous)

[12.34 Kb] (people downloaded: 45). File type: mp3.

The sound of a blow in the face or face

[17 Kb] (people downloaded: 123). File type: mp3.

Sound: blood splashes out of the body after a blow by the hand or at the moment when the knife is stuck

[18.53 Kb] (people downloaded: 61). File type: mp3.

Sound of samurai fight

[90.18 Kb] (people downloaded: 97). File type: mp3.

Punch the tree 

[16.39 Kb] (people downloaded: 62). File type: mp3.

3 hits on a metal shield

[93.54 Kb] (people downloaded: 26). File type: mp3.

Bounce sound is almost silent

[12.94 Kb] (people downloaded: 14). File type: mp3.

The knife was thrust into the body of a man.

[10.81 Kb] (people downloaded: 16). File type: mp3.

The hit slip sound during a people fight

[89.57 Kb] (people downloaded: 49). File type: mp3.

The sound of a blow to the face, there is still a broken neck or jaw (punching)

[15.78 Kb] (people downloaded: 53). File type: mp3.

Powerful vibration sound from impending shock

[12.64 Kb] (people downloaded: 33). File type: mp3.

The sound of fighting people in the bar

[33.02 Kb] (people downloaded: 171). File type: mp3.
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People fight to prove to each other who is right and who is wrong. We decided to collect here different sounds that can help you in different situations. We will not even imagine in which, but I hope in safe ones.
Sounds of fighting people (fisticuffs) in mp3 download for free and without registration. You can use this sound effects to mount videos, create music and songs, for ringtone, presentations or other hobby. The number of audio (sfx) in good quality: 28.

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