Sounds from the TV show "Field of Dreams" download and listen online

Sounds from the TV show "Field of Dreams"
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Total number: 30.
Quality: High.
Average time on page: 5 min 10 sec.
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File type: mp3.
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Sound correctly guessed letters (Field of Dreams)

[49.1 Kb] (people downloaded: 866). File type: mp3.

Sound: waiting 60 seconds in the Super Game (Field of Dreams)

[950.61 Kb] (people downloaded: 1039). File type: mp3.

The drum is spinning - the old version

[3.05 Mb] (people downloaded: 538). File type: mp3.

The sound of the "Field of Dreams" screensaver, the very beginning of the show

[391.43 Kb] (people downloaded: 632). File type: mp3.

An updated version of the musical show screen

[260.41 Kb] (people downloaded: 673). File type: mp3.

Care in an advertising break or back

[73.47 Kb] (people downloaded: 302). File type: mp3.

The sound of the wrong letter in the Field of Dreams (wrong answer)

[58.29 Kb] (people downloaded: 973). File type: mp3.

The sound of the participants on the stage

[1.6 Mb] (people downloaded: 696). File type: mp3.

Fanfare when the winner was announced (music from the Field of Dreams)

[163.98 Kb] (people downloaded: 683). File type: mp3.

The sound of the start of the Super Game

[116.33 Kb] (people downloaded: 400). File type: mp3.

Sector prize on drum

[62.04 Kb] (people downloaded: 349). File type: mp3.

You are bankrupt

[57.96 Kb] (people downloaded: 295). File type: mp3.

You have zero - move the course to another participant

[72.24 Kb] (people downloaded: 244). File type: mp3.

The sound of an empty box (unguessable, where there is no money)

[40 Kb] (people downloaded: 240). File type: mp3.

Sector "chance" on the drum - phone call

[50.2 Kb] (people downloaded: 236). File type: mp3.

The sound of the rotation of the drum in the Field of Dreams (spinning)

[929.29 Kb] (people downloaded: 427). File type: mp3.

Prizes in the studio

[165.43 Kb] (people downloaded: 311). File type: mp3.

The sound from the show "Field of Dreams" when the winner is announced

[76.86 Kb] (people downloaded: 358). File type: mp3.

The sound of the rotation of the drum (transmission 1995)

[1.08 Mb] (people downloaded: 395). File type: mp3.

The "Plus" sector fell out

[48.29 Kb] (people downloaded: 180). File type: mp3.

Sponsor advertising sound

[88.06 Kb] (people downloaded: 85). File type: mp3.

The sound is not guessed words in supergame (loss)

[52.55 Kb] (people downloaded: 187). File type: mp3.

Spacing (transition between scenes)

[188.57 Kb] (people downloaded: 92). File type: mp3.
Sound: dropped on the drum X2 - multiplication points by 2 times

[188.57 Kb] (people downloaded: 149). File type: mp3.

The sound of a guessed box with money

[124.66 Kb] (people downloaded: 214). File type: mp3.

Wrong super game word or timed out

[55 Kb] (people downloaded: 121). File type: mp3.

Another version of "bankrupt"

[141.22 Kb] (people downloaded: 97). File type: mp3.

Sound: the player won the car

[775.39 Kb] (people downloaded: 140). File type: mp3.

The sound of the guessed word in the tour

[78.37 Kb] (people downloaded: 226). File type: mp3.
Interesting video:
The whole country watched and still watches this famous program "Field of Miracles". Who just was not on this program, and we have seen a lot. It was interesting to look at how Leonid Yakubovich behaved, because he became the main character of the program.
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