Sounds of construction and repair download and listen online

Sounds of construction and repair
Category: Sounds of situations
Total number: 13.
Quality: High.
Average time on page: 2 min 15 sec.
User: Lostik.
File type: mp3.
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The sound of construction work in the house

[1.79 Mb] (people downloaded: 41). File type: mp3.

The sound of the construction of a private house or cottage brigade builders

[3.31 Mb] (people downloaded: 54). File type: mp3.

The sound of construction work in the village or in a country house (ambience)

[9.07 Mb] (people downloaded: 18). File type: mp3.

Sounds of building or demolishing an old house

[3.81 Mb] (people downloaded: 24). File type: mp3.

Sounds that make builders when dismantling and changing the balcony

[324.2 Kb] (people downloaded: 28). File type: mp3.
Sound repair in the apartment

[2.53 Mb] (people downloaded: 43). File type: mp3.

The sound of the line on the street (scaffolding, railway, fixing metal structures)

[572.21 Kb] (people downloaded: 10). File type: mp3.

Sound road repair road service

[1.77 Mb] (people downloaded: 25). File type: mp3.

The sound of demolishing a building or structure

[264.78 Kb] (people downloaded: 22). File type: mp3.

Sound reconstruction of the building construction team

[408.99 Kb] (people downloaded: 11). File type: mp3.

Sound: in the apartment (indoors) do repair work on finishing

[445.35 Kb] (people downloaded: 24). File type: mp3.

The sound of installing plastic windows from the street from afar

[834.81 Kb] (people downloaded: 8). File type: mp3.

Sound punch, saw, construction

[344.49 Kb] (people downloaded: 32). File type: mp3.
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