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National anthem of Panama
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Full official country name: Republic of Panama
Country short name: Panama.
Capital city: Panama City.
Name of the anthem: 芦Himno Nacional de Panam谩禄.
English: 芦National anthem of Panama禄.
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National anthem of Panama(instrumental version)

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Panama's official anthem (Himno Istme帽o)

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National Anthem of the Republic of Panama (with lyrics)

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Panama National Anthem without lyrics

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Orchestral version

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Anthem of Panama (FIFA Version)

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Anthem of the Republic of Panama (Olympics Version)

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National Anthem on the piano: Panama

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On guitar

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On trumpet

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Alcanzamos por fin la victoria
En el campo feliz de la uni贸n;
Con ardientes fulgores de gloria
隆Se ilumina la nueva naci贸n! (Repeat last 2 lines)

Es preciso cubrir con un velo
Del pasado el calvario y la cruz;
Y que adorne el azul de tu cielo
De concordia la espl茅ndida luz.

El progreso acaricia tus lares.
Al comp谩s de sublime canci贸n,
Ves rugir a tus pies ambos mares
Que dan rumbo a tu noble misi贸n.


En tu suelo cubierto de flores
A los besos del tibio terral,
Terminaron guerreros fragores;
S贸lo reina el amor fraternal.

Adelante la pica y la pala,
Al trabajo sin m谩s dilaci贸n,
Y seremos as铆 prez y gala
De este mundo feraz de Col贸n.

Lyrics in English:

At last we reached victory
In the joyous field of the union;
With ardent fires of glory
A new nation shines bright. (Repeat last 2 lines.)

It is necessary to cover with a veil
The past time of Calvary and cross;
Let now the blue skies be adorned with
The splendid light of the concord.

Progress caresses your path.
To the rhythm of a sublime song,
You see both your seas roar at your feet
Giving you a path to your noble mission.


In your soil covered with flowers
To the kisses of the warm terrestrial breeze,
Warrior roars have ceased;
Only fraternal love reigns.

Ahead the shovel and pick,
At work without any more dilation,
and we will be as such at work and gala
of this fruitful world of Columbus.

Sheets music: National anthem of Panama.
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