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National anthem of Paraguay
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Full official country name: Republic of Paraguay
Country short name: Paraguay.
Capital city: Asunción.
Name of the anthem: «Himno Nacional Paraguayo».
English: «Paraguayan National Anthem».
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National anthem of Paraguay (full instrumental version)

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Official Anthem of the Republic of Paraguay (short version)

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Paraguay national anthem with lyrics "Paraguayos, Republica o Muerte!"

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Official anthem with lyrics

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Anthem "Paraguayos, Republica o Muerte!" on the piano

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Verse I
A los pueblos de América, infausto
tres centurias un cetro oprimió,
mas un día soberbia surgiendo,
"¡Basta!" —dijo, y el cetro rompió.
Nuestros padres, lidiando grandiosos,
ilustraron su gloria marcial;
y trozada la augusta diadema,
enalzaron el gorro triunfal.
(repeat last two lines 2x)
Paraguayos, ¡República o Muerte!
nuestro brío nos dio libertad;
ni opresores, ni siervos alientan
donde reinan unión e igualdad.
(repeat last two lines, repeat last line 2x)

Verse II
Nueva Roma, la Patria ostentará
dos caudillos de nombre y valer,
que rivales —cual Rómulo y Remo—
dividieron gobierno y poder.
Largos años —cual Febo entre nubes—
viose oculta la perla del Sud.
Hoy un héroe grandioso aparece
realzando su gloria y virtud...

Verse III
Con aplauso la Europa y el Mundo
la saludan, y aclaman también;
de heroísmo: baluarte invencible,
de riquezas: magnífico Edén.
Cuando entorno rugió la Discordia
que otros Pueblos fatal devoró,
paraguayos, el suelo sagrado
con sus alas un ángel cubrió.

Verse IV
¡Oh! cuán pura, de lauro ceñida,
dulce Patria te ostentas así
En tu enseña se ven los colores
del zafiro, diamante y rubí.
En tu escudo que el sol ilumina,
bajo el gorro se mira el león.
Doble imagen de fuertes y libres,
y de glorias, recuerdo y blasón.

Verse V
De la tumba del vil feudalismo
se alza libre la Patria deidad;
opresores, ¡doblad rodilla!,
compatriotas, ¡el Himno entonad!
Suene el grito: "¡República o muerte!",
nuestros pechos lo exhalen con fe,
y sus ecos repitan los montes
cual gigantes poniéndose en pie.

Verse VI
Libertad y justicia defiende
nuestra Patria; tiranos, ¡oíd!
de sus fueros la carta sagrada
su heroísmo sustenta en la lid.
Contra el mundo, si el mundo se opone,
Si intentare su prenda insultar,
batallando vengar la sabremos
o abrazo con ella expirar.

Verse VII
Alza, oh Pueblo, tu espada esplendente
que fulmina destellos de Dios,
no hay más medio que libre o esclavo
y un abismo divide a los dos.
En las auras el Himno resuene,
repitiendo con eco triunfal:
¡a los libres perínclita gloria!,
¡a la Patria laurel inmortal!
Lyrics in English:

The peoples of the Americas, unfortunately,
Were oppressed for three centuries by a scepter
But one magnificent day surging forth,
"Enough!", it said, and the scepter was broken.
Our fathers, grandiose in battle,
Showed their martial glory;
And after smashing the august diadem,
The triumphal cap was raised.
(repeat last two lines 2x)
Paraguayans: Republic or Death!
Our spirit gave us liberty
Neither oppressors nor slaves exist
Where union and equality reign.
(repeat last two lines, repeat last line 2x)

A new Rome, the Fatherland shall proudly display
Two leaders of name and valor
Who, rivals, like Romulus and Remus
Divided government and power.
These long years when, during which Phoebus in the clouds
Saw darken the pearl of the South,
Today a grand hero appears
Raising up again her glory and virtue...

Europe and the entire world to her
Gives salutes and also acclaimations
To that invincible bastion of heroism,
The magnificent Eden of riches.
(But) when discord rumbled all around
Which fatally devoured other Peoples,
Paraguayans, the sacred ground
Was covered by an angel with its wings.

Oh, how pure, of laurel girded
Sweet Fatherland, in this manner you show yourself.
In your ensign one sees the colors
Of sapphire, diamond, and ruby.
In your coat of arms, which the Sun illuminates,
Under the cap, one sees the lion.
Double image of the strong and the free,
And of glories, the memory and crest.

From the tomb of vile feudalism
The national Deity rises free;
Oppressors, bend your knees!
Compatriots, entone the hymn!
Sound the cry, "Republic or death"!
Our breasts exhale it with faith,
And the mountains repeat its echoes
Like giants arising in the land.

Our Fatherland defends liberty and justice;
So tyrants: listen!
The laws in its sacred charter
Will sustain its heroism in the fight.
Against the world, if the world opposes it,
If the world dares to insult her security,
Battling to avenge we shall know her
Or die embracing her.

Arise, oh People, your splendid sword
That strikes with sparkles of God,
There is no middle ground between free or slave
And an abyss divides the two.
In the gentle breezes the Hymn resounds,
Repeating with triumphal echo:
For the free, renowned glory!
For the Fatherland, immortal laurel!
National anthem of Paraguay - sheet music for piano.
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"Paraguayans, Republic or Death!" - the national anthem of Paraguay. It was approved in 1846. The words are written by Francisco Acuña de Figueroa. The Republic of Paraguay is a state in South America. The average life expectancy in this country is 73 years for men, 79 years for women.
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